This Clarification Text has been prepared by the web address of A&S Investment Holding ("Company") to enlighten its users regarding the processing of their personal data by the Company within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No.

All services offered through the website are private to the registered or non-registered user. The services, rights and rewards offered on cannot be transferred, used or gifted to another user or 3rd party in any way. In any form to be filled on and/or any information sharing on e-mail, the user undertakes to provide accurate information. Legal responsibilities that may arise from sharing incorrect information in any way belong entirely to the user. While users share personal data such as phone number, e-mail address, name and surname, they cannot share the information of different people with without the permission of these people. In case of sharing this information, the responsibility belongs to the user who shared the information. No user, registered or not registered in our system via, can make any material or moral requests from or managers/owners or Company employees or Bzetcoin team. The company does not demand free money or information from its users under any circumstances, and does not share users' information with 3rd party organizations for any financial income. The procedures and principles regarding personal data are specified in the KVKK clarification text.

Services offered in Turkish on are only valid for users who are citizens of the Republic of Turkey or who have the official residence permit of the Republic of Turkey. Users who are citizens of a different country or who do not have an official residence permit are prohibited from using the services offered by in Turkish. is not responsible for any material or moral problems that may occur due to these users using in Turkish. Airdrops or referral prizes that will be distributed free of charge through may be changed or canceled without prior notice. Bzetcoin may change the rules regarding free rewards without prior notice. cannot, under any circumstances, demand any monetary or moral payment from the prizes it distributes free of charge. For any purpose on and/or other domains and/or servers associated with the Company; It is strictly forbidden to make unauthorized investigations, to try to find a security hole, to try to access the information of the users, to try to obtain the password or other information of the system by brute force or other cyber attack techniques.

The legal liability that may arise due to the violation of the above-mentioned rule or rules belongs to the user who violates this rule or rules. Ankara courts will be the competent authority to apply for the compensation of the damage and the fulfillment of the legal provisions due to any problem.

The company reserves the right to add, remove and make changes to the user agreement without prior notice. All users visiting the web address are deemed to have accepted this agreement.

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